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Handyman Tip: Energy Efficiency Before Winter Hits

Hello fellow Oregonians! Fall is here and winter is right around the corner, and we here at CMW Maintenance of Eugene, Oregon thought, “what could we do to help our neighbors save money this winter?” So, we decided we’d help you out with some great energy efficient tips everyone should do before winter hits. In this article you will find strategies that will help you save energy and more importantly money during the cool fall and colder winter months! 

Handyman Tips: Fall Roof Prepping


Although it doesn’t feel like it due to Eugene, Oregon’s unusually hot summer, fall is basically upon us. School is about to start back up and Eugene’s long rainy season is right around the corner. With the onset of fall it’s time to start prepping our homes for the coming cold, rain and possibly snow. So here are the top 4 roofing preparations every homeowner should make before the weather makes its inevitable return.

3 Handyman Home Repairs Every Home Owner Should Know

Owning your own home for many is a dream come true, but it’s not all BBQ’s with friends and finally having YOUR chair in the living room that everyone knows not to sit in. Sometimes there is a lot of hard work that needs doing around the home and if you’re not what people would call “handy,” then you’re in luck. For our blog this month, I thought it would be a good idea to go over the 3 handyman home repairs every homeowner should know. 

10 Handyman Hacks for the Home


So often in these handyman submissions, I’m writing about handyman approved updates to your home’s cupboards, decks and stairs, but I thought for this month we could talk about some simple updates to your home that will make your life easier. So here it is, 10 Handyman approved Hacks for the Home!

Handyman Guide to Energy Efficient Windows

We here at CMW Maintenance have been installing and upgrading windows for years. With the tax benefits and yearly savings being espoused by the green community, I thought I would delve in a bit deeper into the subject of energy efficient windows through the eyes of a Eugene, Oregon handyman. As much as we would all like to simply shell out the cash for window upgrades to our homes, I thought it would behoove my readers to know some more about the benefits of energy efficient windows. Below I will provide you with the benefits, cost analysis and your possible return on investment with energy efficient windows.

Handyman Bathroom Remodel Ideas


CMW Maintenance is your trusted team for handyman services and home improvement in Eugene, Oregon. One of the many services we specialize in is bathroom remodeling. In our eyes, the bathroom and the kitchen are the two most important rooms in the house! Since bathrooms are so multifaceted, the amount of remodeling projects you can do is almost endless. So, in this blog installment we’ve decided to explain our bathroom remodeling services further. And we think it will help give you some ideas for your next bathroom remodel!  

Handyman Kitchen Update Ideas

Spring is here and you know what that means, BBQ’s and dinner parties! If you haven’t updated that kitchen of yours in sometime and were looking for some ideas, look no further. CMW Maintenance of Eugene, Oregon is here to help make that tired kitchen of yours sparkle with a few remodeling ideas. 

Handyman How To: Install a Deadbolt Lock

Hello there, blossoming handymen and handywomen of Eugene, and welcome to another edition of the CMW Maintenance and Construction Handyman How-To series! Nothing is more important than feeling safe in your own home. It’s a big part of what makes a house a home. One way to achieve this is by having proper locks on the main doors to your house. As usual, we have a simple step-by-step guide that will have you feeling safe and secure in a couple of hours!

Handyman How To: Replace Your Bathroom Faucet

Hello again and welcome to our sixth instalment of the CMW Maintenance & Construction Handyman How-To series! This week we’re going to teach you a little bit about how to replace the faucet to a sink. We get it, the shiny gold chrome faucet with flower-shaped knobs looked great when you first moved in back in 2006, but it hasn’t stood the test of time and you need something new and fresh. Or maybe you’re sick of wasting money on a sink that drips all night long. Thankfully, this is not as difficult of a project as you might have guessed, and we’re going to take you through it step-by-step!

Handyman How To: Fix a Running Toilet

You flush your toilet, everything runs smoothly and efficiently, but as your about to leave the bathroom you realize that the water is still running. You wait it out a minute or two more… Still running. You open up the back tank, fiddle with the chain and plug and still the water continues to run. Whatever the problem may be, your toilet is wasting a lot of water and keeping you up all night with that annoying noise! 

Handyman How To: Build a Peg Board Shelf

If you’ve been stopping by our blog recently, then you have become quite the handyman around your house. Congratulations on your new-found confidence in upgrading and fixing the eye-sores and dangers around your home! For this month’s installment of our Handyman How To, we will be walking through the steps to build a pegboard storage cabinet. 


Handyman How To: Patch Holes in Drywall

Drywall damage can happen any of a thousand ways; a rambunctious child kicking open a door, a replaced wall sconce or light fixture, or possibly you tripped and put your hand through the wall while grasping for balance… We’ve all dealt with it, but now the time has come to repair that eyesore with the second installment of our Handyman How To: Patch Holes in Drywall.

Handyman How To: Clean Your Dryer Vents

For our first installment of Handyman How-To, I’m going to take you step by step through the proper cleaning and routine maintenance of your dryer vents and filters. Did you know? Your dryer is the #1 cause of household fires! With the fires originating most frequently from dryer venting and lint traps. With the onset of Fall and Winter right around the corner and the increase in colder temperatures we all start to substitute our light, airy clothing for thicker, heavier fabrics. Fabrics that hold a lot more moisture, take longer to dry and more often than not produce greater amounts of lint.       

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