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10 Handyman Hacks for the Home - CMW Maintenance Corp

10 Handyman Hacks for the Home


So often in these handyman submissions, I’m writing about handyman approved updates to your home’s cupboards, decks and stairs, but I thought for this month we could talk about some simple updates to your home that will make your life easier. So here it is, 10 Handyman approved Hacks for the Home!

Handyman Hack #1

                Our first low cost handyman home hack starts with your dresser drawers. If your sock and underwear drawers look anything like mine, it’s a mess. A great idea I came across is using old shoe boxes as drawer dividers. That way your t-shirts, underwear, and socks all stay separated and organized. No more tearing through all your nicely folded shirts trying to find that other black sock!

Handyman Hack #2

                Have you always wanted a hidden vault behind a painting but never had need of a vault? Well how about a hinged painting that hides your thermostat. This way we don’t break the aesthetic of your homes décor with a bulky thermostat, and you get to live out your fantasy of being a 007 villain!

Handyman Hack #3

                How about a fun and cheap way to organize your pantry? You can repurpose a hanging shoe organizer and instead of packing it full of shoes, you fill it with your kid’s favorite snacks or your most used ingredients! Ours is stuffed with Macaroni and Cheese boxes

Handyman Hack #4

                Need more space for all of your shower effects? A great handyman hack is to use a second shower curtain rod along the back wall with a few of the curtain hooks still attached. Now you have more room for your loofa’s, wash clothes and anything else you might need in there.

Handyman Hack #5

                Is your car door covered with nicks and dings because your garage is too small? Here’s what you do, park your car or truck as you normally would, and mark the point and take note of the height of where your door connects with the wall. Now go to your local Walmart and pick up a foam water noodle. Cut the foam noodle in half along its length and screw it onto the wall… Viola! No more door dings. 

Handyman Hack #6

                Have you had a recliner or dining table that has sat in place for so long that your carpet now has permanent indents? Well a little known handyman hack is to use ice cubes to remove those indentations. Simply place ice cubes in the indents spaced about 2 inches apart and let them do their work! Now you can move your furniture without having to worry about that eyesore of an indent!

Handyman Hack #7

                Its summer and our dogs are starting to shed. If your dog is anything like mine, there is no longer anywhere in your home not covered in dog hair. A great handyman hack for removing dog hair from your carpets, couch and bed spread is to use a window squeegee. I know, I didn’t believe this one either, but then I tried it and now I tell everyone about it. It really does work! And really well.

Handyman Hack #8

                Does your closet have poor lighting, and you’re not in the mood to run electrical lines through the walls, install a junction box, switch and wire up a closet light? Well you’re in luck, all you need is a row of Christmas lights, a staple gun, and an extension cord. Run the lights around the inside of the door frame, staple or hot glue them into place every 6-8 inches, plug everything in and no more wondering if those are dark blue or black pants you’re looking at.  

Handyman Hack #9

                Do you have too many keys on your keychain? Does it take you two or 3 attempts to find the right one to unlock your door? Borrow your wife’s nail polish and paint your keys different colors. Home is Blue, work is Yellow, the lock to the shed is Red… And so on and so forth.

Handyman Hack #10

                Are the hardwood floors in your home causing your rugs to slide all over your home? Try using acrylic-latex caulk to keep your rugs from moving about. Simply squeeze out a few 6 inch strips of the acrylic-latex caulk onto the backside of your rugs, and let it dry. The caulk works like a rubber stripping that will keep those rugs where they’re meant to be.


Well that’s it. Follow these 10 Handyman Hacks for your home and you’ll be saving yourself a ton of stress and a bit of cash. CMW Maintenance, proudly serving all of Eugene, Springfield and the surrounding areas of Lane County's contracting and handyman services needs for more than a decade. Call us today!