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3 Handyman Home Repairs Every Home Owner Should Know - CMW Maintenance Corp

3 Handyman Home Repairs Every Home Owner Should Know

Owning your own home for many is a dream come true, but it’s not all BBQ’s with friends and finally having YOUR chair in the living room that everyone knows not to sit in. Sometimes there is a lot of hard work that needs doing around the home and if you’re not what people would call “handy,” then you’re in luck. For our blog this month, I thought it would be a good idea to go over the 3 handyman home repairs every homeowner should know. 

Painting Prep:

Whether your newborn needs a nursery, or you’d like to fill in some old nail holes, nothing helps to spruce up a home like a fresh coat of paint. Honestly, if you don’t own some paint splattered clothes, you haven’t owned a home for long. Painting, when done professionally, can increase the value of your home and add some much needed individuality to match your style. On the other hand, when done poorly, those roller marks and splatters on the trim almost look worse than if you had left the damage as it was.

The first step in proper paint prep is to remove any fixtures and hardware, including curtain rods and bases. Simply taping things up will not give you the professional clean look you’re going for.

Next clean your walls with a damp sponge to remove any dirt, dust and grease. Now lay your plastic sheeting extending a minimum of 2 feet out from the wall. Paint drips happen when you least expect it and no one wants to have to repaint and re-carpet a room when they don’t have to! Now all you need are some clothes you don’t mind getting paint on and you’re ready to begin.   


Aligning Doors:

Your home is full of doors. The front door, the back door, the garage door, the side door, 3 bedroom doors, 2 bathroom doors, 2 closet doors, and maybe you have more! Due to temperature changes throughout the year and fluctuations in moisture, the weight of the door and regular wear and tear, many doors will sag overtime.

If your door drags along the ground as it swings open and closed, it’s probably sagging. This is caused by wear and tear on the hinges or the screws that connect the door to the hinges are losing their grip. If tightening up the screws again or replacing the hinges doesn’t fix your problem then we might have to remove the door and plane it.

A carpenter’s plane is a specialized tool that will scrape thin layers of wood off of your door. So begin by opening and closing your doors and noting where it sticks in the door jam. You might not need to take the door off its hinges to plane the door. Simply run the carpenters plane along the door's edge and check for fit after every couple of strokes. Odds are you won’t have to remove more than a centimeter or two of wood. 


Repairing a Leaky Faucet Washer:

Fixing a leaky faucet is one of the most common handyman fixes around the home. It may not seem super important, but those drips add up to dollars and cents in no time!

Start by shutting off the water to your faucet. If you don’t have a shutoff valve specifically for your faucet, you can shut off the water to the entire house quite easily. The house shut-off is usually in a basement or laundry room.

Most leaky faucets are due to a malfunctioning washer or rubber grommet. All you’ll need to do is:

Unscrew the faucet handle.
Remove the packing nut with pliers.
Unscrew the valve stem and remove it.
Remove the screw that holds your washer in place.
Replace the washer with one of the same size, and follow these steps in reverse order!


That’s it! These 3 handyman fixes are a great jumping off point for any new homeowner. Next month we’ll be going over 3 other handyman fixes that every homeowner should know. Stay tuned!