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Comparing Flooring Choices for a Bathroom Remodel: Environmentally Friendly Options for a Handyman - CMW Maintenance Corp

Comparing Flooring Choices for a Bathroom Remodel: Environmentally Friendly Options for a Handyman

Whether you are hring handyman services like CMW Maintenance and Construction, or attempting a DIY project, being well-informed about choices is always important. A bathroom floor needs to be durable, water-resistant and preferably mold-resistant, not only because of the wet environment of the room, but because of the wet climate of where we live in Eugene, Oregon. Using materials like hardwood will warp, which is why many people turn to other materials. Last month we compared the least expensive flooring options that are good for air quality. These included vinyl, laminate, linoleum, cork and bamboo. One downside to vinyl and laminate is the chemicals used to create them which aren’t environmentally friendly and release VOCs or volatile organic compound emissions. Being located in Eugene, Oregon, we have clients who are concerned about the quality of air in their house as well as the byproducts synthetic materials release into the environment.

Although linoleum, bamboo and cork are made from organic materials, there are also other materials which are natural, low in VOCs, good for the environment and good for the quality of air in the home. Below are additional flooring options for a bathroom with the pros and cons listed.

Stone tile flooring photo provided by Houzz.com


This by far is the most resilient and durable choice. It is natural and low on VOC emissions. Some kinds of stone are more resistant to scratches, stains or water. It also can be the most expensive.


This material is not absorbent, easy to clean, and unlikely to stain. It is ideal for use in wet places. Because it is so brittle, it is difficult to cut and it is recommended that it is installed only professionals. It is also expensive.


This is less expensive and easier to cut. People like it because they can install it themselves. Because of this, some people choose ceramic instead of porcelain. On the downside, it is also more porous and absorbs water. For that reason it isn’t suited for the outdoors and shouldn’t be used on a bathroom floor or anywhere it is likely to get wet. It also would be too slippery for a floor and would make a better decorative element for walls.

Glass tile

Glass has gained popularity for being recyclable and an ecologically friendly choice. It can be made from recycled materials and doesn’t give off chemical emissions. It is also expensive.

To compare these products with other natural flooring such as bamboo, cork or linoleum, see last month’s blog post.

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