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How Does a Handyman Compare Stone Countertops for a Kitchen Remodel in Eugene, Oregon? - CMW Maintenance Corp

How Does a Handyman Compare Stone Countertops for a Kitchen Remodel in Eugene, Oregon?

Corian tiles


A handyman--or handywoman--needs to weight options when remodeling a kitchen in Eugene, Oregon. If you are considering a bathroom or kitchen remodel, very likely you will be looking at countertops to replace the old ones. Being educated about the differences in materials can help you make informed decisions about selections. Consider these traditional stone options, as well as some newer choices out there.


This natural stone is primarily made up of quartz, mica and feldspar. It is heat and scratch resistant, available in many patterns and colors and durable enough for the indoors or outdoors. It is a popular choice for counters as well as flooring, though it is not resistant to acids like vinegar or acidic stains. Granite is more expensive than other options—generally $90-225 per square foot.


Quartz counters are man-made and can be more uniform in appearance than granite. It is non-porous and resistant to acids like lemon juice, vinegar, ammonia and stains. It is not resistant to scratches and not suitable for the outdoors. The cost range is generally from $60-100 per square foot.


This natural stone is generally considered better for bathrooms than kitchens because it is softer than granite. It also stains and is dulled by acids and is not suitable for the outdoors. Like granite, it is heat resistant and porous. It costs in the $50-100 square foot range.


This is a popular brand of “engineered quartz,” meaning that it is 94% natural quartz mixed with a polyester resin. It is durable, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, non-porous, and suitable for the outdoors. It is available for about $50-100 per square foot. Unlike some synthetically created products, this has low VOCs or volatile organic compounds, so it is good for indoor air quality.


A new kid on the block of countertop materials, this is made from 1/3 acrylic polymer and 2/3 aluminum trihydrate and can be made to look like stone—or plastic. The material is non-porous, resistant to food stains and acid, appropriate for outdoor use, pliable when thermoformed/heated so that it can form unusual shapes and is available for $70-130 per square foot. It isn’t scratch-free but blemishes can be smoothed out with a scouring pad. It is low in VOCs but some critics argue that doesn’t make it “green” since it isn’t made of renewable resources or non-petroleum products.

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