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When Does a Handyman Service Use Wainscoting? - CMW Maintenance Corp

When Does a Handyman Service Use Wainscoting?

Dress Up Your Walls With Wainscoting

As a maintenance and construction company that offers handyman services in Eugene, Oregon, we see a variety of homes and the embellishments people use in them. Wainscoting is a form of paneling design that is applied to a home’s interior walls to create a finished and elegant look. Generally, wainscoting is made from white wood paneling and designed in geometric shapes. This design element can bring function, fashion, or both into your home.

Some use wainscoting to cover an entire wall, creating a refined room with a white palette that boasts clean lines. Other homeowners elect to install wainscoting as an attractive yet functional and durable means of protecting their walls from wear and tear. Wainscoting can also be applied to walls strictly as a design element that adds contrast and texture to an otherwise basic interior finish.

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