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Handyman Guide to Energy Efficient Windows - CMW Maintenance Corp

Handyman Guide to Energy Efficient Windows

We here at CMW Maintenance have been installing and upgrading windows for years. With the tax benefits and yearly savings being espoused by the green community, I thought I would delve in a bit deeper into the subject of energy efficient windows through the eyes of a Eugene, Oregon handyman. As much as we would all like to simply shell out the cash for window upgrades to our homes, I thought it would behoove my readers to know some more about the benefits of energy efficient windows. Below I will provide you with the benefits, cost analysis and your possible return on investment with energy efficient windows.

First, let’s discuss the energy and cost savings of energy efficient windows.

Now let's look at your return on investment (ROI)


When it all comes down to it, energy efficient windows are the way to go. As Eugene, Oregon’s best handyman services provider, I highly recommend energy efficient windows to all of my clients. Yes, the initial quote can be quite staggering, but with tax credits, yearly energy savings and the 70+% increase of total cost being added to your home’s value, energy efficient windows are a no brainer!

Thanks for stopping by for another one of our handyman guides to living in Eugene, Oregon. If you have any ideas or topics you’d like to see us tackle, send those requests in to info@cmwmaintenance.com. Remember, CMW Maintenance is here for all of your contractor needs and handyman services in Eugene, Springfield and the greater Willamette Valley!