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Handyman How To: Clean Your Dryer Vents - CMW Maintenance Corp

Handyman How To: Clean Your Dryer Vents

For our first installment of Handyman How-To, I’m going to take you step by step through the proper cleaning and routine maintenance of your dryer vents and filters. Did you know? Your dryer is the #1 cause of household fires! With the fires originating most frequently from dryer venting and lint traps. With the onset of Fall and Winter right around the corner and the increase in colder temperatures we all start to substitute our light, airy clothing for thicker, heavier fabrics. Fabrics that hold a lot more moisture, take longer to dry and more often than not produce greater amounts of lint.       

Warning signs that dangerous levels of lint have built up in your dryer venting system:

What you’ll need:

Let’s Get Started!


1. Remove the Lint Trap Filter


2. Clean the Lint Trap Housing


3. Disconnect Dryer Ducting


4. Clean out Ducting


5. Clean the Outside Vent


6. Reassemble the Dryer



This Handyman How To: Brought to you by the professionals at CMW Maintenance and Construction.