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Handyman How To: Build a Peg Board Shelf - CMW Maintenance Corp

Handyman How To: Build a Peg Board Shelf

If you’ve been stopping by our blog recently, then you have become quite the handyman around your house. Congratulations on your new-found confidence in upgrading and fixing the eye-sores and dangers around your home! For this month’s installment of our Handyman How To, we will be walking through the steps to build a pegboard storage cabinet. 


Everyone seems to have more tools than they can find at any given time and this can be quite the headache when searching for that long lost 1 ½” pocket screw driver. Perhaps you considered your garage full because of the 2 cars and packed attic… Well fear not citizen! With our simple to follow guide your tools and supplies will be much easier to find and store.

Before we begin, let’s go over the necessary materials:


Now on to the job at hand:

1. Measure your space. As the old handyman tip goes... "Measure twice and cut once," "Measure twice and cut once." This will save you so much time and money.

2. Connect your 1x4's for your frame. If you don’t have a way to miter the edges simply butting them together will work fine. Just make sure to do your measurements with butting in mind, as it will add extra length to one side while shortening another if all the boards are the same length.

3. Install the pegboard to the frame. This can be done with screws or nails, depending upon whichever you have more of laying around. Unless you've decided to go with metal or steel pegboards, then you're going to want to use specific mounting hardware

4. Install your frame to the wall. If you are installing this pegboard shelf to a flat wall, you will need to first drill in spacers, as pegboards need some space behind them for hooks and shelves to be attached. Otherwise simply drill your frames in between the existing studs and voila! You now have more storage in a space you once thought was too full for anything else.  

5. Start mapping out how you want to hang everything. A lot of handymen like to outline their tools on pegboards so they know which ones go where, and which tools are missing. So before you start drawing and re-drawing all over your brand new pegboard map out where your tools will fit and be the most functional. Always have your screw drivers, wrenches and other daily tools in the most accessible spots.


Now that you know how to build your own pegboard storage get out there and do it! If you have any questions, give us a call or shoot us an email, we’d love to talk and discuss this and any other Handyman jobs you might have around your house. From the professionals at CMW Maintenance Corp. to the DIY’ers and newly knighted Handymen here in Eugene Oregon and around the country, have some fun with these projects and don’t be afraid to try something new.