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Handyman How To: Install a Deadbolt Lock - CMW Maintenance Corp

Handyman How To: Install a Deadbolt Lock

Hello there, blossoming handymen and handywomen of Eugene, and welcome to another edition of the CMW Maintenance and Construction Handyman How-To series! Nothing is more important than feeling safe in your own home. It’s a big part of what makes a house a home. One way to achieve this is by having proper locks on the main doors to your house. As usual, we have a simple step-by-step guide that will have you feeling safe and secure in a couple of hours!

Tools and supplies you will need for this project:

Step 1: Cut a hole for the deadbolt. When you open your shiny new deadbolt lock, you’ll see that it comes with a template. Use this to ensure that you are installing your lock the right distance from the door frame so that you can be sure that the door will lock properly every time. Once you have this in place, use the guide and your hole saw drill bit to start making the hole for the lock. IMPORTANT: to prevent splinters and otherwise unattractive wood around the door lock, stop drilling once the pilot bit on the hole saw is visible on the other side of the door. Finish drilling the hole from the other side of the door.

Step 2: Prepare the side of the door for the locking mechanism. Use a 1 ½” spade bit (unless the instructions that came with your lock indicate otherwise, which is unlikely) to drill a hole through the edge of the door into the hole you made for the deadbolt. Once that’s complete, grab your wood chisel. Remember that there is a little metal faceplate that goes on the side of the door around this hole, and you are going to want it to be flush with the rest of the edge of the door. You need to mortise the area, or chisel a little at a time (be sure to not chisel an area larger than the faceplate) until you can set the faceplate in and have it sit flush with the edge of your door. Once the faceplate sits properly, go ahead and install it by drilling pilot holes and then secure the bolt with screws.

Step 3 (almost there!): Install the deadbolt. We’re going to install what is known as the cylinder and thumb-turn plate, which are the terms for the part of the lock where you insert your key from the outside and twist the lock closed from the inside. Make sure to test their fit before putting them in the door to be sure that they will fit together. If they do, go ahead and put the side that faces the exterior first (make sure it’s right-side up!). Insert the thumb-turn plate from the inside and, once it’s aligned, fasten it with screws.

Step 4: The strike plate. The final step now is to give the lock somewhere to go when twisted. You will need to mark on your doorframe where the lock hits, so put a little bit of paint or lipstick on the tip of the lock (don’t worry about leaving a mark, you’re going to drill away wherever it hits), close your door, and try to lock it. Open your door and voila! You now have a perfect mark of where you need to make a hole for your lock on your doorframe! Let’s break out that electric drill one more time and find the 7/8” spade (again, if your instructions give you a different size to use, go with that). You’re actually going to need to drill two holes here, overlapping like a Venn diagram. Once you have these holes drilled, you are going to have to use that wood chisel one more time to mortise this side of the door until the faceplate will fit flush with the door frame. And you’re done!


Congratulations on installing your new deadbolt lock! If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions. And if you’re ready to consider tackling a project that might be a bit above your skillset, have no fear! Whether it’s more advanced handyman services or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, we happily serve the Eugene and Springfield area and would love to bring our expertise to your next project!