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Handyman Tip: Energy Efficiency Before Winter Hits - CMW Maintenance Corp

Handyman Tip: Energy Efficiency Before Winter Hits

Hello fellow Oregonians! Fall is here and winter is right around the corner, and we here at CMW Maintenance of Eugene, Oregon thought, “what could we do to help our neighbors save money this winter?” So, we decided we’d help you out with some great energy efficient tips everyone should do before winter hits. In this article you will find strategies that will help you save energy and more importantly money during the cool fall and colder winter months! 

1. Save on heating costs by make the most out of what sunlight we have!

In the mornings before you leave for work, pull back all the curtains on your south-facing windows. This will allow sunlight to naturally warm your home during the day, then close the curtains before night falls to reduce the chill from the cold windows.


2. Stop the drafts!

Windows with poor seals will not only make you uncomfortably cold every morning, but cost you a ton in extra heating! Handyman Charles of CMW Maintenance has a fix for that. First, look into having a professional, like CMW Maintenance, come out and seal the edges of your window frames. If that isn’t an option this year, you can use heavy-duty clear plastic sheeting to stop the draft. Either build a frame that fits in your window sill to tack the plastic to, or tape the plastic to the inside of your window frames.


3. Give your heating system a checkup!

Schedule a heating service provider, like Pacific Fire & Flood, to come out and service your heating system. While they are there be sure to ask a lot of questions. This is your chance to learn what regular maintenance is required to keep your heating system operating at optimum efficiency. If you have a furnace, you should be replacing the filter once a month. This will allow better air flow and dispersal of heat.


4. Reduce the heat lost by your fireplace!

Unless you have a fire burning, you should always keep your fireplace damper closed. An open damper is like having a window wide open. When you are using your fireplace, make sure to adjust your home’s electric heating to 50-55 degrees. If you never use your fireplace, we highly recommend firing that up! However, if you haven’t used it since last winter or longer, we recommend getting it inspected by a professional, like Oregon Chimney Guys, to make sure it’s safe and up to code.


5. Don’t waste money on water heating!

Did you know that most water heaters account for 18% of a home’s energy consumption? Try turning down the temperature on your hot water heater to the warm setting of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This one will save you a ton of money.


If you have any questions or other great efficiency ideas for this winter, we’d love to hear about them. You can post to our Facebook page or our Google+ page with your ideas. And remember, if you ever need a hand around the house, a hole in the wall fixed, some installation installed, a kitchen or bathroom that needs renovating or remodeling, call the best handyman in all of Eugene and Springfield, CMW Maintenance.