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The Pros and Cons of Using Recycled Glass Tiles in Your Bathroom Remodel - CMW Maintenance Corp

The Pros and Cons of Using Recycled Glass Tiles in Your Bathroom Remodel

Image provided by Materialicious.com

A professional handyman service like CMW Maintenance and Construction notices the latest trends of home remodel in Eugene, Oregon. One recent trend in bathroom and kitchen remodel is using recycled glass. These can be used anywhere ceramic tiles are traditionally used for a transparent look on floors, walls, countertops and tables. Popularized for their beauty, as well as environmentally friendly appeal, they aren’t right for everyone. Whether used as an accent or to cover an entire wall in a bathroom remodel, consider these points before selecting glass tiles.



Beautiful colors

Transparent and translucent


Available in matte and gloss

Recycled materials that would otherwise be in a landfill

Unique, hand-crafted look


Resistant to chemicals and stains

Great to use in areas that will get wet



They take longer to install.

More care must be taken installing because they are transparent.

When applying, knock down and comb marks must be smoothed out so the lines will not be visible after installation.

Often glass tile is not a DIY project and requires a professional.

Glass tiles for floors must be safe to walk on—do your research.

Each square foot may range from $7-30.


Whether you use recycled glass or more conventional tiles, consider CMW Maintenance the handyman service for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. Located in Eugene, we specialize in home remodel.