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No project too big or too small for our handyman services in Eugene, Oregon.

​​Whether you are a large business needing a remodel or a homeowner in the Eugene area looking for repairs, maintenance or installation, we offer a variety of services to solve your needs. Currently you might be wondering if you need a handyman or a different kind of contractor. You will find answers below. What does a handyman do? A handyman is a skilled tradesman who has a variety of skills for fixing sinks, faucets, refrigerators, leaks, oven ranges and smoke detectors. We repair pipes, faucets, water heaters, thermostats, garbage disposals, toilets and more. We install garage-door openers, windows, doors, washer and driers, and locks.  Why call a handyman when you can do it yourself? Many people try to save themselves money and do research for their DIY home improvement projects. Even with proper research, an amateur who has never installed a garbage disposal doesn’t have the experience of a professional. Sometimes people make costly mistakes and then they need to hire someone to fix a mistake. If someone pays a friend who isn’t certified and the repairs backfire, an insurance organization may not cover damage. Why call a handyman for a leak when I can call a plumber? People sometimes think expensive services means quality. And there certainly are times that a plumber or electrician is necessary. However, for small jobs that require someone with experience, the right tools and a certification, a handyman is all the job calls for.
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