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Recent Projects

TimberTech Deck w/ Wheelchair Lift

 With our wet climate in Eugene, Oregon it was important for our handyman services to create a lasting structure that would resist the elements and serve as a functional and elegant design.

Located just off the McKenzie River, this project needed to be as beautiful as it's surroundings. The existing deck (with 2 layers of decking stacked on top of each other) was completely rotted out. We removed the deck, properly flashed the house connection and rebuilt using pressure treated fir for our structural framing.


Steps provided access off the west side and a wheelchair ramp was built off the east side of the deck.


A 18' long planter w/ rope lighting provided a spot for gardening as well as indirect light for the upper deck.

A wheelchair lift provides total access from the upper deck and house down to the main deck, giving the homeowner complete use of her new deck!


Kitchen Remodel - Ceiling reframe

​The existing kitchen had drop down ceiling tiles and fluorescent lighting, creating a overly bright but cave-like atmosphere! We can always use more light in our already light-deprived region of Eugene, Oregon, so our handyman services went to work. There was also a row of hanging cabinets over the stove top countertop, visually cutting off the kitchen from the living room and creating more darkness.

​We removed the cabinets and fluorescent light fixtures, then tore out the drop down tray ceiling. After some reframing of the ceiling/walls, we installed drywall.  EC Electrical  installed new recessed light fixtures for additional headroom.

​We sprayed drywall texture, knocked it down and repainted ceiling and walls. We also ran a new exhaust fan for the stovetop as the previous range hood was removed at the same time as the cabinets.

​At the end of each work day, we completely cleaned up the area so our customers could use their kitchen to make dinner!


"​Before" Picture -- dropped ceiling tiles had already been removed, exposing the existing lights.


Solid Surface Deck w/ Fortress Iron Handrail

Living in an area like Eugene, Oregon means that our wet climate will cause wood to deteriorate. That's when a handyman service like CMW Maintenance & Construction gets called in. For this project, ​the existing solid surface deck was mostly rotted out, so we removed the deck, properly flashed the house connection and rebuilt using pressure treated fir for our structural framing & 3/4" plywood for the subsurface decking. We then rolled on a 4 part epoxy coating to waterproof the deck and also the handrail post connections.

Fortress Iron handrail sections and solar post cap lights completed this project.

​After the old deck was removed, we sealed the house prior to installing a new ledger board.

​Plywood seams were taped/sealed and all screw holes were sealed before epoxy coating was applied

​​Handrail posts were bolted using  FastenMaster Thru-Lock screw bolts


Suntuf Patio Roof - Repair/Rebuild

Many of our handyman service projects in the Eugene, Oregon area include home repairs. ​In this project, the existing patio roof beam had collapsed due to rot and a heavy snowfall. Fiberglass roofing material was damaged and had several holes.

​Joists, blocking and posts were in adequate shape and we were asked to reuse those components to reduce project expenses.

​Palram Suntuf panels and a gutter with a downspout were installed.

​The old roof was being held up by a ladder!

​Pressure treated fir beam was installed over existing posts; all joists were secured to the backside.


400 sq. ft. TimberTech elevated deck w/ cedar railings

Our handyman services highlights the beauty of the natural Eugene area with the elegant structure we remodeled and designed. ​The existing deck was completely rotted out, so we removed the deck, properly flashed the house connection and rebuilt using pressure treated fir for our structural framing, We used TimberTech ValuPlanks for the decking and stained clear cedar rails.

​Strategically placed seam boards eliminated the need for butt joints in this 50' wide deck.

​The stair handrail posts were through bolted for structural rigidity.


We built a custom shaped graspable rail.


​A solid staircase framing makes for a rock-solid, safe structure.


Bathroom Remodel

​This customer in the Eugene area wanted a new bathtub and shower for her bathroom. With the motto, "no handyman project too big or to small" we removed the old tub, leveled up the floor and installed a new bathtub. We also prepped the walls before  Lane Marble Interiors  installed a beautiful marble tub surround;  Roto Rooter  took care of the in-wall plumbing.




Past Projects

bathroomfloor2 bamboo_floor2 hallway shed
bannister2 counter-top bathroom fountain
woodshed bathroom-after2 shower-after1 naomi-after3
gateway flooring4 gateway2
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