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​This is the "Maintenance" portion of CMW Maintenance and Construction,making structures safer by performing all necessary repairs.

Rebuilding a rotten wall

​Fighting mold is always an issue in our wet Eugene, Oregon environment. It is easier to prevent it from the get-go with proper installation. When that doesn't happen, rely on a handyman service to remedy the situation like CMW Maintenance & Construction. An improperly flashed deck ledger allowed water to rot the wall below, destroying the OSB sheeting, studs, window header and parts of the upper floor joist system.

Our first order of business was to support the small deck and cut out the rotten ledger and wall framing, removing the leaky window in the process. We then reframed an 8' section of wall, including parts of the upper floor joist system and rim joist.


Once framing was complete, we reinsulated the stud bays and installed new OSB sheeting.


We installed house wrap and a new window,properly flashing/sealing all penetrations.


​The deck ledger was flashed to prevent this problem from happening again. A solid trough forces water away from the house and out over the siding. The underside of first deck board was angle cut to allow drainage over the face of the ledger.


A combination of old and new siding was reinstalled over the repaired area.


​Repair complete!


Dryer Vent Cleaning

​Drier vent cleaning is a common service that we provide in the Eugene, Oregon area. Some people do research and invest time in DIY cleaning, while others hire professionals like our handyman services in Eugene, Oregon who not only do cleaning but an inspection. It is important to have it done so that a house ventilate safely and reduce the chance of starting fires. This routine maintenance call to clean out a dryer vent line resulted in the discovery of a dangerous situation...the existing dryer vent was venting directly into the crawlspace beneath the house. We installed a run of solid ducting to a vent outside.


​Solid ducting was installed to direct dryer vent to outside of house



​We had a narrow space in the foundation vent so the siding was notched to receive the vent pipe.